Catering Menu 


Start your meeting with this great combination platter

Luxor Plate - grape leaves, fatayar (small spinach pie), falafels & pita chips, homous 6.95 per person
Spanikoreda – spinach & feta in a phyllo triangle 5.95 
Falafels served with tahina sauce & pita bread 6.95
Chicken spanis - chicken,mushrooms,& vegetables 5.95 

 Soups & Salads

Homemade lentil soup 5.95
Chicken vegetable soup 5.95
Luxor garden, caesar, greek, pasta, marinated vegetables, or fruit salad 5.95
Tabouleh, parsley, tomato, & green onion 5.95
Babaganoug, eggplant dip served with pita 5.95
Fatouche, tossed greens w/ pita chips 5.95
Chickpea, peppers, tomato, mint, cucumbers 5.95
Homous, ground chickpea w/ garlic & olive oil 5.95


Keep it simple & chose from our specials 
Or choose 3 toppings and design your own!

King Tut includes beef, tomatoes, red peppers, & olives
Khufu's Special, pepperoni, mortedella, & smoked meat
Kafra's Tastiest, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, & pepper
Mankra's Veggie, red peppers, spinach, feta, onions

10' Medium    15   12' Large   18    Extra toppings 1.25

Assortment Trays

Fruit tray, served w/ 6 kinds of seasonal fruit 5.95
Cheese, selection of 6 cheeses served w/crackers 6.95
Vegetable, fresh garden vegetables served with low fat dip or sesame tahini dip 4.95
Dessert, Canadian favourites, French pastries, & Egyptian specialties 2.95


Luxor offers a wide selection of:

Soft drinks, fruit juices, iced tea, mineral water, white or chocolate milk 2.00 - 3.00

Our Famous Wraps
Mummy wrap, spicy chicken with house dressing 8.60
Beef or Chicken Shawarma 8.60 
Kofta, spiced beef sausage 8.60
Kebab, succulent marinated tenderloin cube 10.95
Falafel, home-made vegetarian balls 8.60
Chicken burger, charcoal grilled chicken breast on bun or pita 8.60

OR gluten free chicken salad 15.95


A traditional assortment made on fresh baked whole wheat bread, pita, & croissants

Meats: smoked turkey, roast beef, salami, & corn beef 7.50
Salads: chicken, tuna, salmon, & egg 7.50 
Vegetarian options: tomato & cheese, grilled veggies, & roasted egg plant 7.50

Egyptian Specialities 

Full individual meals

Kebab tray, marinated charcoal broiled kebabs. 
Choose from beef, chicken, or lamb & includes 2 types of salad and pita (serves 4) 86.00
Moussaka, fresh eggplant in rich tomato sauce topped w/ green & red pepper 16.95
Kusheri, Egypt's most popular vegetarian dish. Mixture of rice & lentils w/ tomato sauce & fried onions 13.95
Roasted chicken, lemon herb chicken served w/ roasted potatoes, choice of salad, & pita 16.95