Dine In Menu 


Appetizer Sampler 4 of Egypt's popular flavours: humus, grape leaves, tabbouleh, & falafels served w/ pita bread 8.95 (serves one) 14.95 (serves two)
Grape leaves stuffed w/ spiced rice, tomatoes, parsley, cooked in olive oil & lemon juice 7.95
Falafel Plate served with tahina, mixed pickles, & pita 7.95
Mummy Fingers spicy chicken fingers 7.95


Homemade Lentil 5.95 Chicken Vegetable Soup 5.95

Tomato/House Salad marinated w/ onions & parsley 5.95

Tabbouleh parsley, tomato, green onion, wheat, olive oil & lemon juice 5.95

Babghanough eggplant,tahina, garlic, & lemon juice 5.95

Fatouche  tossed greens w/ pita chips 5.95

Humus ground chickpeas w/ tahina & garlic 5.95

Chickpea/Mediterranean Classic peppers, tomato, mint, & cucumbers 5.95

Vegetarian Options

Kusheri mixture of rice, lentils, topped w/tomato sauce & fried onions 10.95
Kusheri w/ salad 13.95
Cabbage Rolls served with salad/soup 15.95
Traditional Grape Leaves stuffed with spiced rice, tomatoes, parsley, and served w/ side 15.95
Vegetarian Sampler fava beans, falafel, humus, & tabbouleh 19.95 (serves 2) 10.95 (serves 1)

Our House Speciality

Beef, Lamb, or Chicken Kebab marinated kebab broiled over the charcoal 16.95

Kofta spiced beef sausages 16.95

Luxor Biftek specially breaded beef or chicken fillets 16.95

Moussaka fresh baked eggplant in rich tomato sauce topped w/ red & green pepper 16.95

* All plates are served with rice & side

Our Famous Wraps 

Beef or Chicken Shawarma thinly sliced beef/chicken 12.00

Kofta spiced marinated beef sausage 12.00

Kebab Wrap marinated tenderloin cubes 14.95

Falafel Wrap  home-made deep fried vegetarian balls 12.00

Chicken Burger charcoal grilled w/ mayonnaise on a bun or pita wrap 12.00

Mummy Wrap spicy chicken w/ house dressing 12.00

OR turn any of these options into a salad for 15.95

* All plates are served with side of salad, soup, or fries